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Hello friends, today I am going to talk about a great blogging template that is the most popular of 2021. Most bloggers will like and buy this template first. Because this template can be easily used by a small child. The speed of this template is very high. This template will run at a tremendous speed even on slow internet. This template looks very good on both mobile and computer.

(Important- This template is completely SEO friendly and internet speed is also very good so this template will get your website approved by Google in AdSense soon.)

The blogging templates we usually use are not completely mobile friendly!

This is because when we check on the mobile, the full picture is not seen on the home page of the mobile and the cut picture is seen.

The templates we buy from the market, i.e. online, are not completely mobile friendly.

The cut images in those templates can also be seen on the home page of the mobile. If necessary, you can download and test a couple of templates from online. You can easily understand whether the whole picture is coming on the mobile or the cut picture is coming.

You will see that there are cut pictures in these templates.

Google prefers templates that display images perfectly on the mobile homepage.

That means it is completely 100% mobile friendly. Because usually 90% of people use mobile. The remaining 10% use computers or laptops.

Since more than 90% of the people in the world use mobile, if it is mobile friendly, the SEO rank in Google increases by 90%.

*** Blogging template that we will give you the blogging template, and see the difference between the mobile image of other blogging templates. ***

  • Best Blogger Template 2021 For Google SEO

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  • Best Blogger Template 2021 For Google SEO
  • Size201 KB
  • Actually Value $120Buy Now Only $50
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Best Blogger Template 2021 For Google SEO

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